About the Author.

Hi I’m Ted,

Cafe di Apprendimento means Cafe of Learning in Italian.

I have been drinking coffee since i was 16 when it started to be the COOL thing to do. Now I drink it because i love it, because my friends drink it and because it is now the backbone of the hospitality industry. I have always found coffee interesting, the hole technique of coffee brewing still astounds me.

This blog was created in order for you to form your own opinion on the coffee you just had and in the venue you had it in. I will be cruising around the city and other area’s and generating informal review which you can comment on and compare! Now that I’m 19 I have only has 3 years of coffee tasting experience,where as the coffee pallet of the public could extend to anywhere near 50 years of experience.

Cafe di Apprendimento is reliant on you guys out there to send your feedback in about what you have been eating, what you have been drinking and where you have been doing it. We are sure to grow further and further with your support so tell all your friends we exist!


Cafe di Apprendimento.


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