Tusk Gallery

Tusk Gallery:

As soon as I walked into tusk the rich zest of curry and spice accompanied by the simple wooden furniture resonated with me immediately.Hawthorn is shaping up to be one of the most vibrant coffee regions in the south eastern suburbs with the Glenferrie shopping just a 10 minute walk away.

Apart from the beautiful aroma of spice, nothing is directly relevant to the Sri Lankan heritage, this however does not degenerate from the image and character of the cafe at all, in fact knowing these things make Tusk Gallery an exotic get away. A secluded court yard means that your not on busy Burwood road when your having your coffee.

Boasting “Intimate ambience” tusk is certainly a cafe that every coffee drinker must put on their map.

Review #4:

81 Burwood Road Hawthorn 3122.

Tusk Gallery Cafe:


– Really central location to the SE suburb region and Hawthorn train station.

– The exotic food is almost as delectable as the coffee itself.

– “Tusk is certainly a place where I would go back to, I might even eat here next time because the food looks so good.” Nick Wilson. 31 yrs.

– Fragrant, exotic Sri Lankan cuisine with a contemporary twist.


– “I was given two pieces of bread, similar to cinder blocks in both size and consistency, in between which sat drastically overcooked bacon and well cooked egg.”

On the whole:

I loved my experience at Tusk Gallery, the coffee was great, the service was excellent, and the food was better. I highly recommend that you try Tusk Gallery for its exotic cuisine. It truly is a great place and with only one negative to report in the PROS and CONS section there is evidence to back my argument!

Cafe di Apprendimento.


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