Kojo Brown

Kojo Brown Cafe:

Directly across from the old Richmond town hall is a small cafe called Kojo Brown. This was one of the most pleasent cafes I have been to in my life and I will be going back. I no I’m sounding very biased towards Kojo’s but to tell you the truth I had the best coffee I have ever had in my life. Tony is the man behind the bean press and has been for the past 3 years, he has worked in hospitality for the later part of his life and is never changing a thing.

On the Decor side of things, Kojo is highly contemporary but ultra simplistic at the same time. Tony changed the original layout of the building from an old cafe with tables and chairs into a vibrant venue with appropriate living areas for all customers.

Review #3:

Kojo Brown:


294 Bridge Road Richmond 3121.


– “The only place in Melbourne i can get a great coffee for 3 bucks, just like the old days.” James Fairly. 25 yrs.

– “One of the better Steak sandwich’s I’ve had on Bridge road.” Eddy Peters 61 yrs.

– “Food is fantastic, and there is a live jazz band. Meals are very reasonably priced.” Elaine Stevens. 46 yrs.

– “Beautiful relaxed setting – nice booth style seats, & the handmade chicken filo & lamb shanks were amazing!” Terry Anderson. 52 yrs.


– “Overall the lunch I had was fine but I didn’t like the over familiar owner, too many questions I didn’t want to answer. Made dining alone awful.” Sam Doyle. 33 yrs. 

– “I didn’t find the waitress very pleasant either.” Gabriella Daniell. 22 yrs.

On the whole:

Kojo Brown makes you feel like a true local no matter how new you are in town, or how long you’ve been away. The cushy, black vinyl, padded seats and low slung coffee tables make it just relaxed and grungy enough that it could almost be your mates lounge-room.


Cafe di Apprendimento


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