Alley Tunes Cafe.

Alley Tunes:

This photo captures the vibe completely, the rustic theme accompanied by rickety old furniture create a haven in Hawthorn

Located in the heart of the Glenferrie Road precint in Hawthorn and tucked away next to the train station is Alley tunes. Alley Tunes shareholder (Max) and I had a lengthy french conversation about the ups and downs of cafe life.

The first thing you notice about Alley Tunes is the music, ranging from Pitbull to Prince the tunes are a key factor in making this cafe such a student hot spot. Max told me about the relationship shared between music and good company and how they resonate so well with one and other. Music is a huge part of the lives of the staff, the record shop inside the cafe is Alley Tune’s trademark with people crossing town just purchase some fabulous old vintage records.


Alley Tunes Cafe:

600A Glenferrie Road Hawthorn 3122


– Ideal location with great coffee beans supported by the fair trade union.

– “Perfect for students at Swinny (Swinburne) like me.” Sophie Menner.19 yrs.

– “cheap and yummy chai’s man, and I don’t have to go to the city for my Vinyl’s man.” Ben Shannon 24 yrs.


– “I cant believe I had to wait 15 minutes for a cold coffee” Jango Garneux. 33 yrs.

– Alley tunes is located within a direct ear shot of Glenferrie station, trains constantly pass through at all opening hours.

– Sometimes tired / hungover staff.

On the hole, Alley Tunes is a lovely little nook located within easy walking distance from the Glenferrie road train station and is often neglected by passerby’s.


Cafe di Apprendimento.


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