Cafe of Learning = Cafe di Apprendimento

Where did Coffee come from?

“Ethiopian shepherds were the first to observe the influence of the caffeine in coffee beans when the goats appeared to “dance” and to have an increased level of energy after consuming wild coffee berries.” Close enough.

What is Coffee?

Coffee is…

  • The second most widely used product in the world after oil.
  • It was worth 6 million dollars per tonne in the mid 90’s.
  • It is worth €30 billion per year to the producing countries.
  • It is consumed at the rate of 1400 million cups per day.
  • The world’s second most popular drink after water.
  • It is a living to more than 100 million people.

Introduction:           Cafe of Learning  =  Cafe di Apprendimento

Welcome to one of Melbourne’s freshest new and exciting coffee reviewing online platforms. Have you ever wanted to post/comment/review your coffee before? well now is you chance!

Reviews will be posted both in writing and URL links will also be posted so just click on the link and tell us what you think.

Tell us how your coffee is, tell us how your hospitality was, show us where you are going next! there are no limits to the Cafe di Apprendimento page so go and spill the beans to your friends about this lovely piece of informative and imaginative fun.


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